Melodie Michelberger on
International Women's Day

We interviewed the inspiring Melodie Michelberger on International
Women’s Day. Melodie is wearing our bikini top Cosima in orange.
and our bikini bottom Ariane in orange.

Photos of Melodie | Photography: Julia-Marie Werner

For over 100 years International Women’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. This year, we wanted to share this special day with you and take the opportunity to introduce you to a very special Phylyda woman: The body positivity activist, PR expert and one of the women behind the feminist platform Trust the Girls, Melodie Michelberger!

You are a single mother of a nine year old son, established your own business Michelberger PR but you are also one of the women behind the platform Trust the Girls, which makes you an opinion leader at the same time. What does International Women’s Day mean to you and how do you celebrate it? Will your son be joining you?

March 8 is an important day for me to commemorate all the incredible women and resistance fighters whose revolutionary acts and ideas have forged the path for women’s rights and liberties. Thanks to their courage and their acts of resistance only did we gain the right to vote, to voice our opinions, to study, to decide whether we want to join the workforce and only thanks to their hard work do we have access to the option of having an abortion. I find it incredibly important that we as women today don’t stop taking to the streets, joining forces to fight for the freedom and for an egalitarian future for women everywhere. It always helps to get together, to exchange, to give each other strength and to organise. There are still so many areas in which women do not have equal rights, where women are being patronised and oppressed by the patriarchy.

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